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Moina €575,-

Moina €575,-

Moina €575,-


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Wedding blanket – Handira

These lavish woven blankets were gifts woven by Moroccan Berber tribes-women for a new bride as a gift that would keep her warm for the journey to her marital home. These amazing blankets were woven by a group of women, on looms by hand out of sheep’s wool and cotton.

This thoughtful process of hand weaving infuses the blanket with blessings. During the weaving they would have discussions rich with traditions and advice. She was also being prepared for her impending wedding and about her marital duties and expectations.

Each blanket took weeks, ore months to weave. And once the weaving is complete each of the hundred mirrored of sequins was attach to the blanket by hand. It is not only for aesthetic appeal, but also to ward off the evil eye and protection. The whole blanket is not only functional and beautiful, but is a symbol of fertility and good luck.

Until very recently, these wonderful works of art were not known outside Morocco.

They’re being used as rugs, wall hangings and headboards, fitting a variety of design aesthetics. They are just as fabulous in a modern home as they are in their traditional setting!

2.25 x 1.12

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