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Beni Ouarain € 875,- SOLD

Beni Ouarain € 875,- SOLD

Beni Ouarain € 875,- SOLD



Beni Ouarain 

Moroccan rugs are rooted in the traditional rural and natural culture of the Berber women. The rugs are handcrafted, made from the wool of their own herd. The wool is dyed with plants or minerals found in the areas where the carpets are woven as pomegranate, henna, indigo blue, and root of a walnut tree.

There are a great variety of rural rugs depending on the tribes that weave them. Each rug is unique and an authentic piece of folk art. You see a primitive abstraction that is completely original to the weaver of the rug.

The beauty of the rug compliments in a modern, a classic ore a country style environment.

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