The Wim Rietveld Abouzahra Redesign combines the chair’s sober and timeless construction with a lush, naive and handmade Moroccan fabric. The two might seem contradictory at first, but form a whole.

The original Oase chair is designed by Wim Rietveld. In 1959, the chair won the Signe d’Or.


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The treasures that I search for and find are very various, it depends on the area where  I travel in. Each province has it’s own typical handcraft, symbols and specialities. The geographic, cultural and tribal influences are recognizable in the craft. This makes the search for beautiful, rare objects unlimited and valuable.

Abouzahra Cushion


The Abouzahra cushion has two contrasting sides that symbolize tradition and innovation. The Moroccan side with traditional colors and patterns is hand knotted by Berber women. The fabrics have a history and come from various regions in Morocco.



In 2012, when I studied at the wood and furnishing in Amsterdam, I organized my own internship in Essaouira, the famous coastal city of southern Morocco, at the workshop of a traditional cabinetmaker. Upon return to the Netherlands, I left all my clothes behind and instead filled my suitcase with newly found treasures, including antique cushions.


Abouzahra (2 of 8)Designer Mina Abouzahra presents Mogadoria a temporary interior on the occasion of Inside Design Amsterdam and Photo Week 2013.

At the Jewish Historical Museum, Mina Abouzahra presents Mogadoria, a utopian fantasy world in the form of a temporary interior. The interior is composed of Abouzahra designs, such as Abouzahra cushions and the sofa Goitie, collected objects, re-designs of famous Dutch interior design and historic photog
raphs. In the tradition of Mediterranean photographic studios, visitors can take place in the interior, to be photographed as residents of Mogadoria.

For Mogadoria Mina Abouzahra collaborates with illustrator Rosa Vitalie, and the authors of the cookbook Arabia, Merijn Tol and Nadia Zerouali. Especially for this occasion Abdelkader Benali wrote a story.

For the presentation Mina Abouzahra was inspired by the southern Moroccan village Essaouira. This fishermen village has a rich history in which different cultures came together, Jews, Muslims, Christian Portuguese, Berber and Gnauwa, Malian descendants of slaves.  Mina translates this atmosphere of mutual respect and solidarity in her presentation by combining different styles and materials into a harmonious whole.

Friday 27 – Sunday, September 29th, 11.00-17.00Jewish Historical Museum, Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1

Access to the museum with an entrance ticket or a with a ticket of Inside Design Amsterdam

Special programma Sunday, September 29th, 14:00Abdelkader Benali reads his story.

Merijn Tol and Nadia Zerouali present delicacies from their cookbook Arabia at home.

Made possible by
: Elle Inside Design Amsterdam, Jewish Historical Museum, Deneuve Cultural Projects, Rosa Vitalie, Jarno Noordberg, Nadia Zerouali & Merijn Tol, Kvadrat, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Bloemen op locatie, Roya Hamburger, Abdelkader Benali and Nina Folkersma.

Custom Made


Abouzahra works with experienced cabinet makers to develop Abouzahra furniture.We also develop custom made furniture on demand.

Discover Marocco


Every few months I travel to Morocco to learn about the different peoples, cultures, dialects, and traditions. About crafts, and how they are intertwined and are used in the everyday life. I visit museums and markets, meet craftsmen such as carpenters, potters and tanners. I sit with the women who are patiently knitting carpets with magic motifs and symbols from ancient Berber script.


kvadrat_191211_05_002_RGBThe felt side of the cushion is made by Kvadrat. This Danish textile manufacturer mainly uses wool from New Zealand. The felt is durable and color fast.

Piece of Art


The sofa is the new wall. The cushion is your piece of art. Each cushion is a unique design object and tells its own story.

Redesign Abouzahra, foto Taco de Neef

Vintage furniture upholstered with used handmade Moroccan rugs.